Advantages of 3D modeling in an engineering project

Why use 3D modeling in an engineering project?

For some, using 3D modeling in an engineering project seems superfluous, and increases the final costs unjustifiably. In addition, being able to design 3D plans requires additional knowledge and know-how that does not apply to 2D.

So what are the benefits of 3D in an engineering project?

Better visualization

First, 3D allows a better visualization of a project, which goes far beyond that proposed by two-dimensional plans. Structures and proportions appear more clearly, details are realistic, nothing is overlooked. Unlike 2D, a 3D model of future work makes it very easy to project oneself into the new space, to assess the layout of the room and to know concretely what it will look like. In some cases during large projects, 3D modeling is such that it allows the client to virtually "walk" through the space, which in turn enables him to feel the new space, which he will no longer need to imagine from "classic" plans.

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Increased efficiency

Secondly, the use of 3D permits for much greater precision than traditional plans. The risk of errors is reduced, and when they do occur, it is much easier to detect and correct them. In addition, the technician will have the task facilitated since he will not have to imagine how he will work in three dimensions from 2D plans. The sooner the errors are detected and resolved, the faster the project will progress and the less it will cost. Finally, the use of reference models in 3D saves significant time and greatly facilitates the progress of a complex project, avoiding the need to search for the right dimensions each time new elements are added.

Better communication 

One of the most recurring problems encountered during work is that of communication. Indeed, how many times has it happened that the customer has an idea in mind, which is ultimately different from that of the engineer in charge, which is also different from that of the technician? No one likes surprises during work, and that is exactly the kind of problem that 3D modeling makes it possible to avoid. "What you see is what you get", meaning that there will be no difference between what is shown by the 3D model and what will be achieved. The 3D model produced by the engineer allows both the customer and the technician to have a faithful model as the base and ensures that everyone is aware of the final result from the modeling phase.

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In conclusion, 3D modeling in an engineering project makes it possible to consider new prospects and is a powerful tool for both visualization and communication. The gradual integration of new technologies in the engineering sectors is notably part of BIM (Building Information Modeling), initiated in 2021 and supported by the Quebec government.

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