July 16, 2021

Water contamination in brossard: the importance of knowing your water network

In the late evening of Friday, July 9, the city of Brossard issued a boil water advisory following the discovery of fecal coliforms in the water network after sample analyses, making it non-potable.

While we can welcome the quick reaction of the city, which warned the inhabitants immediately, and was able to lift the boil-water advisory the following Tuesday, this event is a concrete example of the need to know one’s water network, and above all, its vulnerabilities. Indeed, even if the present case is on a municipal scale, it is quite conceivable that this problem could come from the water network of your building, for example. When faced with such a situation, two questions can be asked:

Firstly, what are the possible causes of this problem? We talked about it in our article: https://www.darspec.com/en/building-water-engineering/

Secondly, what are the solutions and how to prevent? Darspec had written an article: 


where we gave food for thought for building owners and managers in the context of prevention.

If the problem has already arisen, the key is to be able to react quickly and effectively, to best guarantee the safety of anyone potentially in contact with the contaminated water. This is where the knowledge of your water network becomes extremely important, since knowing what the most vulnerable points of your network are make it possible to identify the various possible hypotheses and to allow tracing back to the source of the problem in the shortest possible time.

In addition, Darspec team is at your disposal for any questions related to your water systems, their safety or your certification needs.