Une journée en tant que stagiaire en génie chez Darspec

A day of an engineering intern at Darspec

21 September 2023

Wendy Luo

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Miniature Coup de Bélier - Darspec

Cross connections

What is a Water Hammer and how to fix it ?

08 August 2023

Sylvain Boudrias

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Importance de la 3D ingénierie - Miniature Finale Darspec

Advantages of 3D modeling in an engineering project

26 July 2023

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DAr réduction de taille - Darspec (1)

Backflow prevention devices

Reduction of the size of a backflow preventer device

12 July 2023

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Tuyau arrosage-Darspec

Potable water

Dangers of using a garden hose

25 May 2023

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Backflow prevention devices

Intelligent RP, an option to be considered?

07 June 2022

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